Who we are and our role

Who we are

We are a friendly, voluntary association of men who have been diagnosed as having prostate cancer, their partners and others with an interest in prostate health. Men who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer have either undertaken treatment or are evaluating the various treatment options. We are not funded by any governmental or private body. Our activities are undertaken by members who contribute their time voluntarily.   Expenditure made by the group is sourced through donations and fund-raising activities. There is no membership fee.

Role of the group

When a man has indications of prostate cancer it usually comes as a nasty shock to him, his family and friends. When making decisions about diagnosis, treatment options and rehabilitation there are benefits from discussing things with people who have undergone those processes.

Our Group’s role is to:

  • provide information, support and assistance to men who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer and/or been treated for prostate cancer, and their partners;
  • provide information to anyone who has an interest in or concern about prostate health, including people who have not yet been diagnosed as having prostate cancer, particularly those who have a higher than normal risk of prostate cancer because of their age, ethnicity or family history);
  • promote awareness within the broader community of the incidence of prostate cancer and the importance and benefits of early detection;
  • provide assistance to the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA); and
  • identify information resources that can be accessed by anyone who has a need for information about prostate health, diagnosis and treatment options.

While the group and its members do not provide medical advice, they can help the newly diagnosed man, his partner and those concerned about his welfare to understand the options available, and how these options can be accessed. They can also provide views on what may lie ahead after treatment has been undertaken.